Who We Are

Why you should choose CAP

We provide a step-by-step process to help families navigate college auditions along with an online organizer (Navigator), a college database (150+ programs around the world), and a phone app that puts all of that information in the palm of your hand.
Online Senior Classes are offered (included in membership) multiple times a week with the CAP Team and there is no limit on the number of classes a Senior can attend. We truly want our students to be at their very best.
We offer thousands of dollars in scholarships to numerous students each year so that this industry, which is usually only accessible to the wealthy, is open to ANY student regardless of their financial situation.

We offer CAP United Auditions see below. Separate registration required.

We believe in the power of the theatre arts and therefore the importance of the rising generation of young artists. Their success is our future. You will never find a harder working, more dedicated team of experienced professionals. It doesn’t exist… and our CAP Teachers have decades of experience in this industry.
We are kind but we are honest and because we care deeply about these students we will always guide them with their ultimate success in mind. IT IS OUR MISSION IN LIFE.

CAP United Auditions

CAP United Auditions is a unified audition, not a consortium, where each student performs two contrasting songs and a monologue for Musical Theatre auditions and two contrasting monologues for Acting auditions, each audition is roughly 3 minutes (this year, each student will audition for nearly 60 college programs in one weekend).

Students get a chance to meet one on one with college programs at callbacks which last between 10-20 minutes each.
We welcome college programs from all over the world – large and small, well-known and unknown, old and new – because we believe in finding the right school for each student and the right student for each school.
We save our students and their families thousands of dollars in fees, more then making up for the cost of membership and helping hundreds of families cope with the expenses associated with auditions.