What Parents Say

Thank you all so much for your great help and support. Thank you again for everything. CAP was definitely an excellent decision for us and we are grateful you shared your time and valuable information with us. It is quite a journey and process and we are so thankful to where this has led her.

CAP United Auditions were a truly positive and growing experience. From the opening session with parents, to the get-to-know each other workshop for the students, to the warm-ups, dance calls, auditions and call-back sign-ups, everything was well planned and executed. What I most appreciate though, is that you provided a safe environment for students to experience rejection as performers. Needless to say, the weekend was a roller coaster of emotions, but students and parents alike felt the support of your team, which softened the pain when the roller coaster was close to the ground. Due to the vast number and various types of schools, there were also multiple opportunities for elation and hope. Thank you for all of your MANY hours of hard work and your dedication to young performers. CAP was a wonderful kick-off to the grueling and exciting audition process.

When Melissa said she wanted to pursue Musical Theatre in college, we were lost. Luckily she was surrounded by warm, loving people who guided her through the process. There was so much involved starting with choosing and working on audition songs, monologues and dance routines which had to be ready early in her senior year. Then narrowing down, applying to and submitting prescreens to the universities she selected. CAP is the only place I know of that you can audition for 22 schools in 2 days. Melissa now has several offers to choose from and we believe she will be at the place she was meant to be.

Taking my daughter to CAP was the best decision we ever made. When we started on the Musical Theatre journey we weren't sure where to begin. CAP afforded us the opportunity to stay local and audition for over 20 schools at one time. The audition process at CAP was well organized and the CAP team was absolutely amazing! I don't know how we would have done it if we had not attended CAP. I highly recommend CAP!

Cady (and I) really loved the CAP process. We appreciated the communication, and the fact that even remotely we felt "clued in" The obvious caring you have for your students speaks volumes, and I will certainly tell all my friends with rising acting and musical theatre students to take a look at CAP. We truly appreciate how you helped us with our unique circumstances with the swim meet - it was stressful - and we had our "moments' but she left the weekend really happy with CAP, and appreciative of your caring. For me your Communication was the best!!!! You kept 102 auditioning students .. and their parents in the loop - no small task.

We are on our second child in CAP after seeing many wonderful successes and some very valuable failures of our first one a couple of years ago. The program offers guidance, yet is still a student –driven process. Parents and students of CAP are not mislead into thinking that this is not a highly competitive field and are encouraged to train hard and even make some sacrifices early when they decide to pursue college entry toward a theatre degree. Students are prepared for auditions and are able to exude confidence (not arrogance) when entering the room. As a bonus, they gain an appreciation for their craft and understand choices, character type, vocal health, and many other things learned from the skilled artistic team that apparently benefit them a great deal when striving to be successful in this rigorous course of study in college

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the assistance of the College Audition Project – not just once, but twice, now that Chip is pursuing new options. I had no idea how difficult it was to navigate through the college audition process for Musical Theater. I had no idea about the importance of perfect pre-screens, or the many monologues required, or the head shot, the songs, the dance numbers… I basically had no idea about the entire process. I had no idea about the importance of “Unifieds” – how to prepare for, how to participate in and how to survive them! We would have never gotten through any of the college audition process and placement without the help of your the College Audition Program.

Few things can prepare you for the intensity and organized chaos that calls itself college auditions. You are literally surrounded by hundreds of talented, hopeful students scurrying here and there; some in panic mode, some missing articles of clothing or music and still others who seem in shock. Then there are the student from the College Audition Project—they are poised, ready for the challenge and know their potential contribution. They have selected the music, vocal, dance and acting selections to best showcase their individual talents. Are they scared? Yes, but are determined to enjoy the journey because they have learned that they are always on stage, to always leave it all out there and that what is theirs, is theirs. Remember, this is an opportunity for colleges to see many students at a time. Every detail matters. Because of the College Audition Project my son was able to successfully combine talent with preparation. He received offers from multiple schools and selected the Texas State University program which has been recognized as one of the top 10 programs in the US.