Additional Services

Audition Assessment $150

  • Perfect for any High School or GAP year student preparing for Prescreens, College Auditions or Summer Intensive auditions. This assessment would involve 2 CAP Team members assessing your artistic and logistic progress for whatever auditions you are preparing for currently. Videos or links will need to be provided for review. Student will receive a full personalized assessment of where they are and how to improve.

Prescreen Assessment $195

  • Students would upload pre-screen video links to the Media page of their CAP Navigator. Students will contact the CAP Team to let them know that they have uploaded their links. CAP Team members would adjudicate with personalized written comments that students will receive within 5 business days.

Prescreen Filming Assistance

  1. Remote "On call" $300
    1 CAP Team member will be available to you on your prescreen filming day. Student will send video files (via email or text) as they are filmed, in real time and get immediate feedback from the CAP Team member.
  2. Remote filming $500
    1 CAP Team member will virtually be in attendance, for 2 hours, while the student records their prescreens. This service will provide real time feedback and coaching. CAP Team members can be in attendance via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or whatever virtual format works best.
  3. In-person Filming $1,000 & travel
    1 CAP Team member would be live and in-person while a student is recording their prescreens to provide real time feedback and coaching. In addition, student is responsible for all associated travel expenses for the CAP Team member.

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